The Pott Fixedcrit on the Dortmunder Kidney

Fixedcrit von Goodtimesroll und Fixedpott

The guys from Goodtimesroll and Fixedpott had organized the first Fixedcrit in the Ruhr area, but unluckily not too many people showed up. The reason for the poor attendance might also have been other bike related events that took place at the same time. The starting line up then of course being pretty small, the race mode was changed from three single races of 12 kilometers, in which the riders would have been able to collect points for the overall win, to a single race. This consisted of 15 minutes warm up time and the 15 fast laps on the kidney (the track has that name, because it is the shape of a kidney) in Dortmund.

The overall winner was Jan from the Team Fixedpott, there was only one minor crash for Sam, who landed in the stinging nettle and the Angefixed Racing Team – so only me (but this time with the first apperance of the new jersey) – was happy about the fifth place and an average speed of around 33 km/h, what I still notice in my legs.

I only took a few pictures. The majority was shot by Nils Laengner and some are really good pictures. But see for yourself.

Author: John-Sebastian Komander/ Find him on Google+

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