Angefixed ( and its international partner site is a blog about Single Speed und Fixed Gear bikes and the urban cycling culture in general.

Angefixed collects, analyses and interprets current events, developments and needs in the Fixed Gear scene, but also beyond. Angefixed defines itself not only as a medium FOR the scene, but also as a voice to give onlookers and interested people an understanding of the issues of Fixed Gear and Single Speed riders.

Enlightenment, especially towards onlookers, is an important issue, which has been ignored by many Fixed Gear riders (especially among bike messengers) in order to counteract the softening of boundaries between different cycling scenes. However, the Fixed Gear bicycle has become and icon in everyday and in pop culture, so that this softening of boundaries should be used to carry out the viewpoints of people who focus on these issues and give them a serious platform. Here Angefixed can help.

Working together with other bloggers (in a later stage) guarantees different viewpoints and always being up-to-date. Diversity is very important, also in the choice of topics. Personal opinions are definitely asked and hoped for, regardless of them begin pro or contra Fixed Gear bicycles. Guest posts by bloggers from other ranges of topics can be contributed in order to range of topics on a high level. Cooperation with other blogs (also content swap between blogs) is desirable. Working together with companies (e. g. product tests) is okay, but the cooperation should then be made clear in the corresponding posts.

Ads are necessary and useful, as long as they don’t contradict the message of the blog.

Posts for money (also for guest writers) are not desirable.


Main focus of Angefixed is the German Fixed Gear bike scene, but there will also be international issues, if they have a certain relevance for the readers. The main language of the blog is German (an there will always be longer posts in German, that may only have a short description in English), but there will also be issues of international relevance that will be written in both German and English. The web address is the place to go for English posts.

You can switch between German and English by clicking on the drop down menu at the top of the right column of the blog.