Dosnoventa runs Gijon. Word.

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Why I am so delighted about the newest Dosnoventa video that is going round the web since two days? I mean really excited! As far as the filming goes it doesn’t set itself apart from other current fixed gear related videos – so that can’t be it. No, it is much easier that that. It is the atmosphere that comes across in this video and that seems to be getting lost in the “scene” more and more. Here you see a team that doesn’t only has fun with each other, but that is also able to ride seriously in a criterium (if they successfully or not doesn’t matter right now). And then you see a team that can party on until the next morning.

That was one of the main reasons, why fixed gear riding was such a special thing to me… the love for the sport and the party afterwards. And especially the parties – accompanied by the tiptoeing professionalization of fixed gear crit races – seem to fall by the wayside in that process. Therefore it is fun to watch the boys and girls  (one of which actually comes from my hometown of Dortmund in Germany) perform their sport and get their second wind during the following party. I want more of that!

And what Dosnoventa manages as a side effect – probably one of their main motives with such a video – is that the desire in me to buy one of their frames is growing again. Or at least buying a tiger tracksuit. Maybe you feel the same after watching the video – see for yourself.

Author: John-Sebastian Komander/ Find him on Google+

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