IKEA makes a video about a bike messenger and you ask yourself: Why?


The why-question gets answered pretty fast though, if you concentrate on the message of the video: The protagonist, who rides through Chicago in every weather and picks up/delivers mail (what she does, because she loves what she does, not because she has to do it), is supposed to epitomize something that a lot of us have probably lost: freedom.

And this is where IKEA respectively the PS series of the Swedish furniture manufacturer comes into play: The new series, which will be available from February on, is all about the theme “live it”. Or as IKEA puts it: “IKEA PS is for the fiercely independent. For free-thinkers who refuse a work-eat-sleep-repeat life and who give convention a wedgie. Not asking for permission or approval. Choosing freedom and the possibilities that come with it.“

Okay, IKEA is going out on a limb with that one, but you kind of get the point, what they mean.

Whatever, this isn’t supposed to be an IKEA commercial, right.

That said: Nicely done bike messenger video, watch and enjoy.

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