Angefixed meets Fixedpott


(c) Nils Laengner

InstagramI have known Fixedpott since its beginning, even before it had a name at all. For a long time I have covered the team from the ruhr area (and from other parts of Germany by now) here in the blog and have travelled with them to various events throughout Europe and the world. In my opinion the guys and girls of Fixedpott manage to combine serious beer drinking and semi-professional fixed gear racing like to other team. That – next to the fact, that we can do even better together – was why I was very pleased to become a part of the Fixedpott team during our trip to Thailand last year. I will help the team the best I can. Also new to the team is Heike, who also was with us in Thailand and was able to reach a great second place in her first crit in Bangkok.

Angefixed will of course carry on, sometimes with a high post frequency, sometimes with less posts. So everything kind of stays the same. So then, what is new? There will most probably be more race related posts and I will share a few more Fixedpott posts on the facebook page.

Right now we are underway in planning the new season and all the stuff related. The race and event schedule is packed! We’ll see, how many races I will attend myself, but one thing is most certain: some one from the Fixedpott crew will be there. So, say hi to them, if you want!

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