The Pott Fixedcrit in Dortmund on April 26th


It’s nice to see that the Ruhr area is working together to pull some nice events together. The newest example is The Pott Fixedcrit. The guys from GoodTimesRoll and Fixedpott have joined forces in order to organize the first fixed-only criterium in Dortmund in 2014.

For all out-of-towners: The meeting point will be the main train station in Dortmund on April 26th at 3 PM. There will be a groupride to the venue that will be a short ride out of the city. Parking will be available nearby, just incase you are coming by car. The precise location will surely be communicated sometime.

The race system is pretty easy: There will be three races over twelve kilometers. The winner of each race will receive six point, second place will receive five point… right down to the fifth place, which will still be rewarded with one point. The winner of “The Pott Fixedcrit” will be the guy with the most point over all three races.

The rules are simple:

  1. You start at your own risk
  2. Dropbar only
  3. Brakeless fixed only
  4. No helmet – no race

The recommended setup is 48 x 15 (which I can confirm for that venue). The prices for the first three riders will be small gestures – but also fame and glory. The guys are still working on the after show program, but you can be sure that it will have a lot to do with beer and maybe also a BBQ in the park.

Now, write April 26th in your calendar and come to Dortmund. For the out-of-towners that would like to stay the night in Dortmund, I recommend the AO Hostel near the main train station in Dortmund. Or you can just write GoodTimesRoll or Fixedpott. I guess that the guys will be able to organize accommodations for you.

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