Prolly rebrands himself as The Radavist


For nearly ten year, John Watson alias John Prolly writes, “Prolly is Not Probably (PiNP) has been one man’s voice” – his own. And after ten years that might get a bit tiring, especially for the man in charge. And so John has come up with something new: PiNP is now “The Radavist” and one voice will transform into many voices, as the community takes over the content production for the website. Now you can of course ask yourself, if this is an April Fools’ joke being played on you. And you have the right to believe that, because John launched his new Website on April 1st (after there had been a single page online with his new logo all day long on March 31st) and because he smashed a brand that had a certain “market value” in the bicycle world.

What speakes against an April Fools’ joke?

The sheer effort John put into relaunching not only the website but the whole “brand”. An taking into concern the fun the guy has riding his bike(s), I can hardly imagine him taking the time to mess around with a nearly ten year old blog for the sake of an April Fools’ joke. In his position he would have had quite some other possibilities to mess with his readers. On second thought: The explanation of the new name and mascot, which hints towards John’s love of cycling and the fondness of his idea, not only being able to get his own thoughts online anymore, hints to this not being a joke.

The new website seems to me very hipsteresque with its fonts and the new logo, but it is also a very clean concept, which makes it possible to have reports (mostly with the from PiNP well-known high class images) and news from the cycling scene displayed at the same time.

So, without further ado, I say good bye to PiNP and hello to “The Radavist”.


Author: John-Sebastian Komander/ Find him on Google+

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