Pictures from the Fahrradschau Berlin, Fixed Days and Rad Race

Beforehand: The Fahrradschau and especially the Fixed Days/Rad Race were a pretty international event, so I will write the posts in English. Making this a rule, I will always write in English, if I have the feeling that also a lot people from other countries than Germany/Austria/Switzerland will be reading the post. There will always be a brief summary in German also, so no worries my German readers. Most posts though will still be in German. But here also, there will be a summary, this time in English. So, as you see, everyone will get some post, he can read and some where he will have to do with the summary. Sometimes, if I find the time, I will try to write the post in German and English.

I have worked my way through more than 1.800 pictures and have made a selection, which you can browse through further down the page. There are three galleries: the first one is the drive to Berlin and the first day of Fixed Days (Friday), the second is the Fahrradschau with all the bikes and parts that were shown there, the third gallery is for the Rad Race (where, I have to admit, I hav a lot of difficulties without an external flash). Later this week I will write a recap of the events and tell you guys what in my opinion was great – and what was not.

First Day of Fixed Days (Friday)

Fahrradschau (Saturday)

Rad Race 

If you want to use one or more of the pictures for your blog/website/whatever, go ahead. A link, where the pictures are from, would be nice.

Author: John-Sebastian Komander/ Find him on Google+

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